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Rules for the 2018 Mcnick Preseason Invitational

All games will follow the rules to be used by OHSAA during the Fall season except for changes here noted: Keepers: The 6 second rule in use.

Teams may use players who will be eligible for an Ohio or Kentucky high school. Players from the same school may switch between teams fielded by that school.

Each participating team will play a minimum of four (4) matches. All games will consist of two 25-minute halves with a 5-minute half-time.

Our Weather Policy is listed below:

The safety of our players, parents, and volunteers is of the highest importance to the McNick Preseason Invitational . In the event that lightning is sighted or the threat of severe weather is in the area, the following procedures will be used for clearing the fields and resuming play:

1. If lightning is detected, the lightning detection system at McNick will sound and all players, refs and spectators will be notified immediately.
2. If severe weather is approaching the area, the Tournament Director and/or Referee Coordinator are to be notified at the Referee tent.
3. The Referee Coordinator will be responsible for communicating to the Referees to clear the fields after a decision has been made about the approaching severe weather. At this time, everyone must proceed to their cars. No one will be permitted to go under a tree, tent or in a shelter.
4. Players will not return to the field until the lightning detection system has sounded 3 short beeps.
5. During the weather delay, the Tournament Director will consult with the Tournament Committee to assess the impact of the delay and determine the changes necessary to resume play. The following changes will be considered:
a. Shorten games.
b. Terminate any game in progress. Games terminated after one-half of play due to weather will be considered official.
c. Cancel any or all games if necessary. The tournament organizing committee, McNicholas HS is not responsible for expenses incurred by cancellation of games.
6. Once the lightning detection system has sounded 3 short beeps or if the severe weather has passed, the Tournament Director and/or Referee Coordinators will be responsible for communicating the “all clear” signal to the referees and any game format changes.

The Referee Coordinators will also be responsible for communicating to the Referees for subsequent impacted games, any changes to the game format TIES:Ties will not be broken.

In the event that an entire weekend of the tournament is cancelled due to weather, the Tournament Director will subsequently determine the feasible amount of a credit, if any, that will be given to each of the teams that can be applied to the next year's McNick Preseason Invitational Tournament fees for their respective team(s). In any event, no direct refund payments will be made to any teams.

A player who receives a red card will be required to sit out the next game played by their team. Any player receiving 2 red cards will be dismissed from further play in the tournament.

Scores will be posted ASAP. Coaches should report any discrepancies to the tournament director prior to their next game. A winner will be named in each group based on points. Each team will be awarded 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss. In the event of ties in the standings, the following procedure will determine the group winner:

a) Team with the most points wins (if tied, go to Step 2)
b) Winner of game played between the tied teams (if three or more teams are tied, go to step C).
c) Highest number of total NET goals (goal differential). MAXIMUM goal differential is three goals per game.
d) Fewest goals allowed.
e) Penalty kicks.

In case of conflicting jersey colors, the team listed as "home" will change to a different color. Teams will not need to have exactly matching colors and/or uniforms. Numbers are not required but ARE very helpful for the referees. All other OHSAA player safety rules will be followed, i.e., the shin guard requirement and the prohibition of jewelry.

Each player MUST have a medical release and liability form check in during registration or in case of late arrival at MPC Administration tent prior to the beginning of their first game in order to be eligible to play. The form will be available to teams accepted via e-mail to the primary contact listed on the application.

A team must have at least 7 players ready to play at game time or the game could be considered a forfeit. Forfeits will be scored 2-0. Teams should report to their designated field at least 15 minutes prior to game time. Tournament directors have no control over no shows that must be forfeits, yet if it is possible on Friday to get part of a game in or have teams play a penalty kick round due to late arrivals, we will make the effort when agreeable to both coaches.

All referee decisions will stand. Protests will not be allowed.

The tournament director's interpretation of the foregoing rules and regulations shall be final. The Tournament Director reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the tournament.



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